Ryan Mestas

I cannot say enough about the impact Roswell CrossFit has had on my son. Ryan started attending classes about two and a half years ago. He had just turned eleven, was obese and ready for a change. Richie and Crystal gave him a diet to follow and the motivation he needed to get himself into shape. He was so eager to go to class each day, and within a couple months he began shedding the extra weight at a rapid rate! Not only had Ryan become healthier physically, he also gained a confidence in himself that we did not know existed! Richie and Crystal continue to challenge him in a way that holds him accountable and pushes him to new heights, yet they encourage and believe in his ability to succeed.

I’ll never forget the first day I took Ryan into Roswell CrossFit and watched him stumble through simply jumping rope. I remember thinking, “Oh my, these people have their work cut out for them.” Now Ryan is in the top 10% of his fitness class. This year, he was captain of his basketball team and ran track for his school. I cannot thank Roswell CrossFit enough for helping Rye an transform into the young man he is today!