Megan Colby

Before joining Roswell CrossFit, I was a mom after having three girls that was trying to get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I was woking out at a different gym and running, but I was not improving because I had no idea what to do at the gym to actually see results. I knew Crystal from working with her in the ER, so I decided to reach out and ask about Roswell CrossFit. From the start, she was welcoming and eager to help me reach my fitness and health goals. I must say, my first day there was a little intimidating but, thanks to the amazing encouragement from both Richie and Crystal, I kept going. Not only were the coaches amazing, but so was the atmosphere and the other members cheering each other on.

This past summer I was asked to sign up and partake in a CrossFit competition in Albuquerque by Richie, and from that day on I decided I needed to eat right and be at my best. Crystal and Richie not only pushed me in the gym, but also discussed healthy food choices and diet with me. Since June 2018 to now, I have lost 48lbs thanks to the help of Roswell CrossFit and the coaches that care! My weight loss is important, but I also feel better and have more energy. I continue to push myself every day in the gym, and now I can do more than I ever imagined my body could do!