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Ryan Mestas

I cannot say enough about the impact Roswell CrossFit has had on my son. Ryan started attending classes about two and a half years ago. He had just turned eleven, was obese and ready for a change. Richie and Crystal gave him a diet to follow and the motivation he needed to get himself into shape. He was so eager to go to class each day, and within a couple months he began shedding the extra weight at a…

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Rosie Franco

I started working out at Roswell CrossFit two years ago. My husband wanted to become more active in our exercising instead of just walking, which we had been doing for almost three years. Also, I was beginning to have cholesterol and diabetes problems due to my weight and diet, so my doctor wanted to increase my medicine. Instead of taking more pills, I decided it was time to start working out. I started at 140lbs with my waistline measuring at…

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Megan Colby

Before joining Roswell CrossFit, I was a mom after having three girls that was trying to get back in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I was woking out at a different gym and running, but I was not improving because I had no idea what to do at the gym to actually see results. I knew Crystal from working with her in the ER, so I decided to reach out and ask about Roswell CrossFit. From the start,…

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