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Originally from Roswell, Richie spent a few years in Alamogordo as a child before returning to Roswell and making it his permanent home. Richie became a firefighter in 2007 and currently works for the City of Carlsbad Fire Department. He also serves as a body recovery specialist. He began CrossFit in 2007 and received his first certification in 2012. Over the years, he has continued his education and personal training through CrossFit, and is constantly growing his knowledge to help others implement healthy lifestyle changes.

Richie started the gym because he wanted to provide a place for kids and athletes to obtain year-round training. As he grew older, he realized that he himself had not received proper training or education on fitness and health through our local school system. Richie became fully aware that all of southern New Mexico school athletic programs were far behind the rest of the country’s sports programs, so he decided to take a stand for our youth. After studying more about CrossFit Methodology, Richie decided that persons of all ages could benefit from the training and he purposed to start his own gym.

Richie enjoys spending his time in the Word of God, with family, coaching, and working. His passion is to teach children fitness at a young age so that they have the knowledge and strength to lead a healthy life. His vision is to provide a community of fitness to youth through CrossFit, nutrition, and sports. His lifelong goal is to build a facility that can be used by everyone in the community for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.

CF L-1 Trainer
CF Kids Trainer
CF Rowing
CF Olympic Weightlifing
CF Running
CF Judging
Firefighter Engineer

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