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Richie Ramirez

Originally from Roswell, Richie spent a few years in Alamogordo as a child before returning to Roswell and making it his permanent home. Richie became a firefighter in 2007 and currently works for the City of Carlsbad Fire Department. He also serves as a body recovery specialist. He began CrossFit in 2007 and received his first certification in 2012. Over the years, he has continued his education and personal training through CrossFit, and is constantly growing his knowledge to…

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Crystal Aguilar

Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, Crystal has worked as a Registered Nurse for the past 10 years specializing in emergency medicine and critical care air support. Her passion for health and fitness brought her to CrossFit in 2011 and she obtained her CF L-1 trainer in 2013. Crystal enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, watching movies and of course, competing in CrossFit. Her heart’s desire is to bring joy to other people’s lives through working…

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Valeria Bonilla

Val has always had a passion for sports and physical fitness. In high school, she played both volleyball and basketball and won New Mexico State Basketball Championship in 2016. She began CrossFit in August of 2018 and received her first certification in March of 2019. Val is currently in school for her paramedic degree and is working on getting her EMT basic. During her free time, she enjoys doing outdoor activities like biking and hiking and spending quality time…

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